Friday Updates – April 4th, 2014

School Security – There were two incidents this past week that are important reminders about our school community’s need to remain vigilant about security in and around our campus.

The first situation was related to trespassing. This event occurred on the weekend and was outside of school hours. The situation was handled by staff from Beaverton Christian Church and the suspect was ultimately arrested by the Beaverton Police.

The second situation occurred on Wednesday which started with a traffic stop, not far from the school. That suspect fled the scene due to other criminal activity he was involved with and ended up on foot in the neighborhood. The suspect was ultimately apprehended by the police. This event occurred during the school day and Arco Iris was in lock down for approximately 3 hours. Our staff performed extremely well and followed the safety and security protocols we have in place for situations just like this.

Safety and security at Arco Iris is paramount.  It is important that we, as parents, volunteers, family, and friends, do what we can to protect our school and children. We can do certain things, such as keeping doors secured, not allowing strangers into the school area, and notifying staff of suspicious activity, to keep the school safe. Lastly, if there is ever any doubt about the safety and security of the school, calling 911 is the best course of action if there is an immediate threat to our staff or children.

While we hope that incidents like what we experienced this past week are few and far between, it reminds us that we need to be aware of our surroundings at all times and take care of each other and our kids.

We are one week out from the Fourth Annual Fiesta Night and Auction!  We have some amazing packages on which to bid: trips to the coast, Sunriver, Vail! a Ricoh Aficio printer; Orthodontia Services; garden planning; jewelry; 1:1 Spanish tutoring; and many more!

You can sign up for parties for students and adults including: cooking classes, Glow in the Dark Zumba, Jumping with Maestras Ansari and Serrao, and adult parties like Pub Night and Salvadoran Dinner.

And only at the auction can you bid on (and win!) your child’s classroom art work.  It is gorgeous!

Thank you to SinglePoint, Unitus, Snyder & Gaggini, Coastal Shoes of Lincoln City and Widmer for joining Office Max and Rain Law Firm as sponsors of the 2014 Fiesta Night. 

Today is the absolute last day to grab your ticket. We want to see you!  Please email the auction chair regarding questions, concerns and table requests.

Imagination Yoga – Our first offering of the Imagination Yoga program this winter filled up and was thoroughly enjoyed by the kids who participated. A spring session of Imagination Yoga starts this Monday, April 7th and will run for 8 weeks so be sure to sign up by Sunday. Sign up on line at or print the attached flier and mail it in to secure your spot! IY Reg Form Arco Iris spring 2014

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