Board Updates – July 7th, 2015

 PTO Committee Workgroup

At the June Board Meeting, the Board granted the PTO initial funds to begin the process of a 501(c)(3). The PTO Committee Workgroup is still in the process of discussing options under consideration with the intent to submit a finalized proposal at the next Board meeting. If you would like to participate in the discussion and provide input, come join the PTO Committee Workgroup at their meeting this Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 at 6:30pm at Arco Iris. Below are the agenda and a draft of various options to be discussed:

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in becoming more involved at Arco Iris? The Board of Directors is currently seeing parents to join the Nominating Committee and/or Charter Renewal Workgroup. The Board is also accepting applications for two members of the community to join the Board of Directors. Information below.

Nominating Committee
One to two parents of Arco Iris students needed to assist in the interview and selection process of applicants for Finance and Project Manager Board of Director openings. Time commitment of about 5 to 10 hours in late August.
If interested, email by July 24th. Please include “Nominating Committee” in the subject line.

Charter Renewal Workgroup
One parent of an Arco Iris student needed to assist Board and School Administrator in Charter Renewal process. Duties to include, but not limited to attending Charter Renewal meetings, helping gather/review/proofread documents for Charter Renewal submission, and other duties as assigned. Time commitment of about 5 hours per month.
If interested, email by July 24th. Please include “Charter Renewal Workgroup” in the subject line.

Board of Directors Openings
The Arco Iris School Board is actively recruiting members to join our ranks.  Arco Iris is always looking for interested and dedicated parents, community members, and supporters who can find time to provide their service to the school.

Currently seeking interested candidates to fill the following two roles. Job descriptions for each are included:

  • Project Manager – one position (Project Manager Job Description)
    • Position will be assigned various tasks and duties associated with the fulfillment of the school’s mission.  Task could include, but not be limited to, facilities management, special event planning, review and consideration of curriculum, and/or school ambassador.
    • Experience with or willingness to learn, helpful, but not required:
      • Negotiating lease amendments with the landlord
      • Being the point-of-contact with the landlord
      • Coordinating contacted services for repairs/maintenance
      • Working on the Site Search Workgroup
      • Acquiring land use permits
  • Finance – Treasurer – one position (Finance Job Description)
    • Work closely with the school’s bookkeeper as well as the school’s Certified Public Accountant to ensure the schools finances are aligned and in order.  Duties include regular and frequent review of the schools bank account, reporting of the financial statements at the monthly board meeting, and coordinating the annual insurance policies.

How to apply: Individuals interested in applying for the above listed positions should submit their resume and cover letter of interest to by 5:00 pm PST Friday, August 7th, 2015. Please include which position you would like to be considered for in the subject line. Previous applicants are encouraged to reapply. If you are interested in a role not posted or would like additional information, please email the

The Arco Iris Nominating Committee will interview prospective candidates and announce their selection at the September 2015 board meeting. The selected candidate will be sworn in date to be determined.

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PTO Committee Workgroup Meeting – July 8th

When Arco Iris was founded, a fundraising committee was created under the purview of the Board. As the school evolved, so did the committee and is now currently known as the PTO. At a recent Board meeting, the Arco Iris Governance Documents and By-Laws were updated. Upon review of these documents, it was determined that the PTO in its current form is not consistent with the Board’s policies regarding committees. The PTO and Board decided that this would be an excellent time to evaluate if it was a best practice for the PTO to remain a Board committee. The PTO Committee Workgroup was created, consisting of two parents, two Board members, and the principal, to evaluate the available options and make a recommendation to the Board.

On July 8th, 2015 at 6:30pm, the PTO Committee Workgroup will be meeting at Arco Iris to discuss the various options under consideration. This meeting will include a portion for community dialogue and we welcome parents, staff, and the community to come and provide input. Agenda to follow.

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Last Day of School!

We will be working over the summer to update our blog with important info for the 2015/2016 school year. We have supply lists and lunch program info staged and ready to post. Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, enjoy your summer break!

Don’t forget to join our Summer 2015 Jaguar’s Read Program! All the details are HERE.

Summer Play Dates 2015:

  • July 31st – All School Play Date, 10a-12p at Fir grove Playground
  • August 9th – 1st Grade Play date, 10a-12p at Channing Heights Mini-Park
  • August 17th – All School Play Date, 2p-4p at Magnolia Park
  • August 21st – 1st Grade Play Date, 4p-6p at Channing Heights Mini-Park
  • August 29th – All School Play Date, 1p-3p at Beaverton City Park Fountain

Community Event – Save the date! Mark your calendars for September 26th and 27th at Mazama Lodge. We all had so much fun last year visiting in the lodge, and around the campfire while the kids played in the woods and the game room. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Located just before the turnoff to timberline the setting is fabulous. Tickets will go on sale in the fall. (The cost per person is $30 which includes lodging for the night, dinner Saturday night, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.)

Volunteer Hours

Please be sure to log your volunteer hours for the year in parent booker and your corporate websites. Thanks for all your hard work! Log in HERE!

Upcoming Dates (from Big Tent)

  • June 18                        School Board Meeting (6pm)
  • Jul 3                             Community Event: Hillsboro Hops (7:05pm)
  • July 31                         Arco Iris All School Play Date (10am)
  • Aug 9                           Arco Iris 1st Grade Play Date (10am)
  • Aug 17                         Arco Iris All School Play Date (2pm)
  • Aug 21                         Arco Iris 1st Grade Play Date (4pm)
  • Aug 25                         New Parent Orientation (6pm)
  • Aug 29                         Arco Iris All School Play Date (1pm)
  • Sept 2                          Arco Iris Ice Cream Social (4pm)
  • Sept 26                        Community Event: Mazamas Lodge trip
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A Note from your PTO

Dear Parents and Guardians;

As our children count down to the last day of school, it’s hard to believe it truly is almost over.  Before we all head out the door to our summer vacations the PTO wanted to take a moment to reflect, look forward, and most importantly THANK YOU.

This year we accomplished a lot together.  We maintained and expanded some school favorites:

  1. Ice cream social
  2. Mazama Lodge weekend
  3. Community Picnic
  4. Expressed gratitude to our teacher and staff (break room, school sweatshirts, holiday giving, lunch from Elephants, pedicures, and dinner boxes just to name a few.)
  5. Held a successful Jog A Thon and our annual Fiesta Night and Auction

Some of the most notable new projects:

  1. Held our first New Parent Orientation night
  2. Expressed our voices on the Middle School Committee
  3. Recorded our Winter Program performance
  4. Created our first yearbook
  5. Added air conditioners for the school office and some classrooms

These are just a few of the ways parents served their amazing 3,000 parent volunteer hours and we raised over $ 90,000.

What we hope to accomplish in the 2015-2016 school year:

  1. Clarify and simplify the way the PTO communicates with you
  2. Officially deploy BigTent
  3. Redefine the roles and responsibilities of the PTO
  4. Represent Arco Iris in the Beaverton Parade (a favorite)
  5. Participate in more community events

None of this is possible without you!  We are grateful and proud of our wonderful parents and strong community. Thank you for being a part of Arco Iris.  Enjoy your summer, we hope to see you at a summer play date and in the fall.

We look forward to serving with you next year.  With appreciation and gratitude,

Your 2014-2015 PTO Officers

Kim Perreira, Michelle Black, Aisha Bowen, Sabrina Pinkerton, Jen Osawa, Carrie Kirsch, Christa Billings, Erlim Cruz

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Letter from the Board President

Dear Arco Iris Community,

The 2014-2015 school year has been a very eventful year. I want to take the time to personally thank each and every one of you for your contributions. I also would like to thank Principal Jan for all she has done. Jan came into the school while it was just discovering itself and helped it thrive. Our teachers and staff consistently demonstrate dedication and commitment to student success and please know we appreciate all you do. As we say goodbye to Jan, I would like to again welcome Principal Miles to the Arco Iris community. I know she will be a valuable addition to our school and expect Arco Iris to only continue in our academic excellence and strong community relationships as she takes the helm.

This year we had an extremely successful fundraising campaign that showed how dedicated our community is to the Arco Iris mission and has greatly improved our ability to pursue a permanent location. Fundraising is an essential function to keep our school viable. With the strong fundraising effort this year and conservative budget we were able to give our staff a much deserved salary increase for the 2015-2016 year, add an additional teacher to Middle School, and acquire a highly qualified Principal in a competitive market. Our search for a permanent location is our highest priority as well as our Charter Renewal. We will provide updates regularly on our progress with both.

The Board is committed to maintaining a 1st through 8th grade program, with the hope to explore adding a Kindergarten in the future. We have recently signed a lease for two more years at Beaverton Christian Church (BCC), which includes confirmed use of the playground and gym for the duration of our lease.

When our school was founded, a fundraising committee was created under the purview of the Board. As the school evolved, so did the committee and is now currently known as the PTO. At a recent Board meeting, we updated our Governance Documents and By-Laws. Upon review of these documents, it was determined that the PTO in its current form is not consistent with the Board’s policies regarding committees. The PTO and Board decided that this would be an excellent time to evaluate if it was a best practice for the PTO to remain a Board committee. We currently have a PTO Committee Workgroup of two parents, two Board members, and the new principal, working together on a proposal for next year. This is still an active discussion and will be discussed at the upcoming PTO meeting, Friday June 12th at 8:30am and Board meeting Thursday June 18th at 6:00pm. We welcome and encourage community input. Feel free to attend either or both meetings to share your thoughts during public comments.  You can also email the board and/or PTO at and respectively if you are unable to attend the meetings.

Going into next school year, the Board will be looking for highly qualified members of the community to join us as Project Manager and Treasurer. Positions will be posted in the next month on the Arco Iris website. The Arco Iris School Board resolutely believes that communication and building relationships between the Board and Arco Iris parents and staff are essential to our overall success. As such, we will be making a few changes during the next school year; including, but not limited to:

  • Board Members will wear badges specifying they are Board Members at events and when they are on school grounds. The badge indicates that they are available for questions, comments, concerns, etc. As some Board Members are parents too, when a Board Member attends an event or is on school grounds as a parent and not a Board Member, they will not wear the Board badge and speak on Board matters.
  • Quarterly the Board will hold coffee/town hall sessions that are open for the Board to have dialogue with parents and staff. Schedule to be determined.
  • The Board will rotate attendance to monthly PTO meetings to ensure the parents are able to meet multiple Board members.
  • We will publish a monthly blog post with updates to the community which will include openings on our committees, updates on committee actions, etc.
  • The community can continue to send emails to with any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. and are ensured a response. Our Communication Policy is posted on the website for your reference.

I hope that these efforts at increasing opportunities for dialogue between Board Members and parents help the Arco Iris School community foster relationships that support our continued growth.

Please feel free to reach out to myself or any other Board member during the summer as you have need. The Board email will be check regularly (

Thank you again for an amazing school year and I look forward to working together with you next year.


Caitlin Jeffery

Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School Board President

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Friday Updates – June 5th, 2015

Summer Reading and Writing 2015!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

Below are summer reading and writing projects that students are encouraged, but not required, to do. Students are welcome to complete the Bingo cards by reading and writing in both English and Spanish! Bring the completed cards to school by Friday, September 11th for a small prize. Bingo Cards can be found on our Summer Reading Page.

  • Students entering 1st grade can complete the reading and writing Bingo cards to the best of their ability. The writing Bingo calls for a paragraph per prompt, but students are welcome to write just a sentence or two.
  • Students entering grades 2 – 5 can complete the reading and writing Bingo cards. They can do a simple Bingo, or try for a black out!
  • Students entering middle school can choose to do the general reading Bingo, or try the Young Adult one. They can also choose to do the writing or journal Bingo.

Don’t forget to sign up with your local public library summer reading program too. Bookstores like Barnes and Noble also have summer reading programs that include a free book as a prize. Below are two websites/reading list that you might want to check out as well:

See our Summer Reading Page for other reading ideas, OBOB lists, bingo cards, and copies of the Jaguar’s Read Summer Reading Log!

Restaurant Night: Pietro’s Pizza

The last restaurant night of the 2014-2015 school year is here! Please come enjoy Pietro’s Pizza Thursday June 11th all day.  Please use this flier (Pietro’s Flier). It will also be handed out after school next week. You need to have the flyer with you at the restaurant for Arco Iris to receive funds. (13281 SW Canyon Rd location)

Yearbook: Last Chance

Celebrate the 2014-2015 Arco Iris School year with your own yearbook!  Yearbooks will be distributed in the class next week. The PTO ordered a few extra and will have those available for purchase in the school lobby next Thursday (6/11) afternoon and Friday morning (first come, first served).  Each yearbook will be $15. If you have any questions, please email Sarah Coakley  (

Buenos Tardes Reminder

The last day of school is fast approaching! Remember that June 12, 2015 is a HALF DAY with 11:30amdismissal. There will NOT be afternoon Buenas Tardes on that day. Please make sure to make pertinent child care arrangements for that day as we will not be accepting any children to stay past pick up on that day.The latest you can pick up your child is 12:00PM. If your student is not picked up by12:00pm, we will call emergency contacts to pick up your student.

SB819: Moving along…

Some charter schools paid a lobbyist to push the bill through. Its in Ways and Means committee right now.

These are the four legislators who determine and negotiate which bills move forward. We need folks to reach out to their friends/family to email these legislators only if they are in one of these districts.

Upcoming Dates (from Big Tent)

  • June 5                          PTO Officer’s Meeting (2:30 pm)
  • June 10                        Morning Meeting (8:40 am)
  • June 11                        Restaurant Night: Pietro’s Pizza (all day)
  • June 11                        8th Grade Promotion Ceremony (2:30 – 3:15)
  • June 12                        Spirit Wear Day
  • June 12                        Last Day of School
  • June 12                        PTO Meeting (8:30am)
  • Jul 3                             Community Event: Hillsboro Hops (7:05pm)
  • Sept 26                        Community Event: Mazamas Lodge trip
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Friday Updates – May 29, 2015

Yearbook Sales Ending TODAYYearbook sales are going on now with all orders being due by May 29 – that’s today! First Annual Arco Iris Yearbook: $15 each or $26 for 2 ($13 for each additional yearbook).

Purchase online at:

If you have captured any photos this year of Arco Iris in action, please forward them to Sarah Coakley immediately.

Jaguar’s Read continues over summer break! See our web page for all the details and the reading log.

Community Events

  • School Picnic – May 31st from 3-7pm at Schiffler Park. Join the Arco Iris community for our school picnic at Schiffler Park, just a little north of Allen on Erickson. Bring dinner and a blanket, no alcohol please. Our new principal for next year, Erin Miles is planning to attend, don’t miss out on this community event.
  • Hops Baseball – July 3rd at 7:05pm. Seats are 11$ per person and on sale now through the end of the year or until they sell out. Come for baseball, community and fireworks! You can drop a check in PTO mailbox outside the main office with ‘Hops’ on the memo line.
  • Mazama Lodge – September 26-27th. Mark the date on your calendar, tickets go up for sale first thing in September.

Box Tops: End of Year Update Congratulations to Maestra Rosado’s class on winning the pizza party for collecting the most boxtops.  Register your Safeway, Walmart, and Target cards to automatically save for Arco Iris through E-boxtops.  As a school we raised over $650 through the program this year and saved lots of points for labels for education.  We had high participation rates.  Way to go, Jaguars!

Upcoming Dates (from Big Tent)

  •  May 29                       Spirit Wear Day
  • May 29                        Last Day of Yearbook Sales
  • May 31                         Community Picnic
  • June 5                          PTO Officer’s Meeting
  • June 10                        Morning Meeting (8:40am)
  • June 11                        Restaurant Night: Pietro’s Pizza
  • June 12                        Spirit Wear Day
  • June 12                        Last Day of School
  • June 12                        PTO Meeting (8:30am)
  • Jul 3                             Community Event: Hillsboro Hops (7:05pm)
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