Friday Updates – November 20th 2015

Auction news

The auction team is working hard at making our 2016 auction on April 2nd at the Oregon Zoo a huge success. We are asking if you have any unique procurement ideas or personal connections that would either be willing to sponsor the event or show their support by donating an item, please contact us at

Gift Baskets!

We will be creating gift baskets for our upcoming Fiesta & Auction, and we need your help! Starting in December, we will be placing storage containers in the Lobby for parents to fill in with themed items. We will then wrap these up into Gift Baskets for our Auction on April 2nd! Each container will have a list of items needed to complete them, or you can let us know if you have a specific idea. More gift basket ideas can be found here. Gracias!

 PTO Activities

PTO Sponsored Teacher and Staff Break Room Stocking

Those of you who are new to Arco Iris this year may not know that we rely on our families keep the break room stocked during the year with munchies, staples, treats, and beverages. When we all share this job as a community it becomes easy to keep the room filled with the little things that make the school day a little more nourishing, a little more sweet, and a little more caffeinated! We share this duty by having our classrooms rotate through the school year. Our 4th grade families together are managing this duty until winter break, along with a fridge purge on December 18th. If your class hasn’t rotated through your turn yet you will sometime before the end of the school year. Remember that homemade foods are permitted in the break room, and we do have some GF staff. This is an important gesture of appreciation that is easy to pull off when we work together. Thanks so much to all who have already helped to stock the break room, and to all who will have their turn soon!

Attention Arco Iris Families

Beginning November 30th to December 14th, we will not have access to the loop in the parking lot.  Our neighbors, Beaverton Christian Church are holding their Tree Sale in the loop. This will change our morning drop-off routine. We are asking families to pull forward to the play structure to drop off students. A staff member will be out directing cars to pull forward and supervise students. This will prevent traffic backups onto Allen Blvd. Another option is to walk your students to the front door.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility during these two weeks.

Winter Recital: “Cuentame la Navidad”

This year’s winter recital is all about celebrating the Holiday season with family. Some of our students will be performing in a short play before and after the classroom presentations. Our winter recital will take place at Arco Iris in the church’s worship center.

When: Friday, December 11, 2015

Where: Arco Iris, BCC worship center

Time: 6:30 – 7:45pm
Dress code – Semi-formal

Boys: black pants, red or white solid shirt. can be button up or polo

Girls: any combination of red, white and black attire ok
If you have any questions about specific items for the recital please email your classroom teacher.

December 2015 Lunch Menu

Orders are due no later than Thursday, December 3rd. Click here for the menu, December2015 Menu

December 18th Day Program

As you may know, Dec 18th is a half day for our students with 11:30am dismissal.  Our after school program will be open from 11:30am to 5pm on a special day program fee. In order to use BT Program on this day, you must PRE-REGISTER and pay ahead of time. The cost is $20 per student and we are honoring the sibling discount for this rate as well.  Pre-registration ends December 11, 2015 at 4:00pm. Fill out the registration form attached and submit to the office.  BT Day Program Registration
We need a minium of 20 students to enroll in order to make the program available for that day!



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