SB 819 – Please Act Today!!!

Dear Arco Iris Parents,

Please act today….. the vote in the Senate Education committee is scheduled for tomorrow.

Please communicate directly with Senator Mark Hass: (sen.markhass@state.or.us503.986.1714). 

Arco Iris is located in Senator Hass’ legislative district; we are the only charter school that is in his district (Hope Chinese Charter School is nearby), so we are uniquely positioned to influence him. He is on the Senate Education Committee, and we need his YES vote. Vote on SB 819 is scheduled for tomorrow.

Please let him know that you are with Arco Iris School, which is in his district, let him know why it’s important for your child(ren) AND the Beaverton School District, and that your school needs his support on SB 819, both in committee and on the floor. Some other key potential messages:

  • We understand that no public schools have adequate funding; but that our kids in public charter schools are the only ones receiving less than “the base funding” we say we’re committed to as a state.
  • Our children at Arco Iris School are just as valuable as children in district-run public schools, yet currently our children receives 40%+ less public funding for his/her education!
  • SB 819 will not require any new revenue and will shift less than 1% of the existing K-12 budget to educate children in public charter schools.

Please write a quick email or make a phone call today!

Arco Iris School Board of Directors

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