Friday Updates – January 16th, 2015

Volunteer News – Its been quiet for awhile in the volunteer front but now our volunteer needs are ramping up.  Please take a minute to see where you can help below.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to help out this year please consider doing so.  We ask that each family donate 20 hours of their time a year.  The success and well being of our school deeply depends on volunteerism.

Science Fair – The science fair as I’m sure you know is creeping up fast.  We need over 30 volunteers for this event.  This evening is a lot of fun.  We will need people to help set up, judge the event, take down, and serve pizza.  Please check to sign up for a task.

Open House – Open house will be January 22. This is a time for us to showcase our school and allow potential students and families to see our school.  This year together with the principal, the middle school, and teachers will be leading the event. We need help setting up chairs in the gym for our new incoming parents. You can sign up on

Middle school – We need volunteers to help organize the year book, end of the year trip, and graduation for middle school students. If you are interested please sign up on

Movers – Wells Fargo has generously donated 12 solid wood desks to our school.  We need a few people to help us move them into to school by the end of this month.  If you are interested please email

Break Room Coordinator – Some of you may know already that the PTO has set up a lovely break room for the teachers and each month a classroom has the job of filling it with coffee and snacks for them to grab when in a rush.  Our current break room coordinator has so kindly been running this program but will be shifting her focus to the Auction events.  We need someone to help take this over.  It’s not a huge task and can be done mostly from home. If you are interested please email

2015 Fiesta Night & Auction – Some of the most popular items to bid on at the auction are the classroom art projects each class creates. Almost as much fun as bidding on the artwork is actually working with the students to create them – and for that we need your help! We need one parent from each of the classes below to be the lead on your child’s class art project, including choosing a project, gathering supplies, coordinating class time with the teacher to work on the art, and recruiting a few parent volunteers to help during those classroom times. Each project has different requirements but plan to schedule one to three classroom visits (usually about 1 hour or so of class time) to finish your project. The students should do as much of the work as is possible and we welcome your ideas for a class project but also have several ideas for you to choose from as well. Either way, your project must be approved by the auction team before you start, which will also give us the opportunity to discuss supplies and budget. Sign up below if you can help and we will reach out to you to get you started. Contact the auction team at with any questions. Classes still needing an art project lead:

  • Maestra Ocasio
  • Maestra Rosado
  • Maestra Romero
  • Maestra Rodriguez
  • Maestra Colon
  • Maestra Roman
  • Maestra Vega

Upcoming Dates (from Big Tent)

  • Jan 15                         School Board Meeting (6pm)
  • Jan 19                        NO SCHOOL (MLK Day)
  • Jan 21                         3rd grade Rice Rock Museum
  • Jan 21                         Mad Science (3:45 – 4:45pm)
  • Jan 22                        Open House (6-7:30pm)
  • Jan 22                        Math Gamers (3:45 – 4:45pm)
  • Jan 26,27                  Restaurant night: Pastini Pasteria
  • Jan 26                        NO SCHOOL (Staff Development)
  • Jan 26                        Chess Wizards (3:45 – 4:45pm)
  • Jan 30                        Spirit Wear Day
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