Friday Updates – December 26, 2014

Volunteer News – A very special thank you to all the families that have helped out this year. We have been off to a phenomenal start with help. We will have a need for more volunteers in the new year. Please watch for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities in January.

Volunteer News – If you have been helping in the classrooms or working behind the scenes on a special project and have not logged your hours please do so. You can log your hours on Even if you have surpassed your 20 hours of volunteer time we still would ask that you continue to log every hour. Our goal is to have every hour documented which is valuable information should we be able to apply for a grant.

Message from PTO – Thank you and Happy Holidays Arco families!

The PTO has given gifts to our staff and administration to thank them for their hard work and for all they do to make our school a great place for our children to learn and grow.
We have given a gift to our current board members, who sacrifice time with their families to ensure our school keeps running.

Who can’t be left off the list? All of you, our families! The PTO wishes to thank our incredibly involved, caring, and generous Arco Iris families. The school is here in large part because of your continued efforts. Without you, there would be no school. We know it, we are grateful and acknowledge the effort made by each and everyone of you to be a part of Arco Iris family.

With our deepest gratitude and sincerity,


May you and your family have a magical holidays and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Upcoming Dates (from Big Tent)

  • Dec 22-Jan 4          Winter Break
  • Jan 2                        PTO Officer Meeting (2:30pm)
  • Jan 9                        PTO Meeting (8:30am)
  • Jan 13                      Coffee with the Principal (8:30am)
  • Jan 14                      Morning Meeting (8:40am)
  • Jan 15                      School Board Meeting (6:00pm)
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