What’s Bugging You?

Engineers often seek ways to improve something that really bugs them. Read here about two high school students who worked on “a ketchup-related problem” for their engineering class project.

Arco Iris students have the chance to use the engineering design process to explore a solution to a problem or question. This page has in-depth information on the engineering design process, including a whole section on Choosing a Project.

*Next Tuesday, November 25 is the due date for students’ Science or Engineering project registration forms. If your student is still working on an idea, please consult the Science & Engineering Fair website for information and resources.

Not sure what kind of project to choose? If your idea involves making observations and doing experiments, you should follow the Scientific Method. If your project involves designing, building, and testing something, you should follow the Engineering Design Process. If you still are not sure which process to follow, you check out Comparing the Engineering Design Process and the Scientific Method.

* Please not the date change from Wednesday, November 26 to Tuesday, November 25. We are sorry for the initial error, but school is not in session on Wednesday, November 26.

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