Friday Updates – November 14, 2014

The Best Cookie in the World – Have you ever bitten in to a cookie and thought, “This is the best cookie in the whole wide world!” Is it the ingredients? The cooking temperature? Dough temperature?

Scientific Inquiry can help you unlock the secret that makes your cookie so delicious. If this sounds intriguing, consider making your kitchen a science laboratory! The Science Buddies website has a library of science project ideas, including cooking and food science. Check out this great resource as you help your student select a project for the 2015 Science and Engineering Fair.

Reminder: Tuesday, November 25 is the due date for project proposals! 

Upcoming Dates 

  • Nov 14 –              PTO Meeting (2:30pm)
  • Nov 15 –               School Board Governance Meeting (9:am)
  • Nov 19 –              Middle School Committee Meeting (6:45pm)
  • Nov 20 –             School Board Meeting (6p)
  • Nov 21 –              Spirit Wear Day
  • Nov 26 – Dec 1  No School
  • Dec 5 –                 PTO Officer Meeting (2:30p)
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