Jog-a-Thon Results are in…

Congratulations Arco Iris School on an amazing 3rd Annual Jog-a-thon!

Arco Iris students ran 5,418 laps for a total of 508 miles. Together they ran far enough to run nearly 2x around Puerto Rico – a phenomenal accomplishment in only 30 minutes of running.

We were so impressed with the amazing community support from the sponsors, to the volunteers at the jog-a-thon, to the many people from near and far who donated money. We had 74% of our families turn in pledge monies and surpassed our goal of $25,000. The Arco Iris community collected a net total of nearly $30,000. We still have outstanding matching donations, so we can’t calculate to the penny just yet! The success of the jog-a-thon puts the PTO fundraising efforts at approximately 35% of the net annual target of $85,000.

When everybody does a little, it adds up to a lot!


For their efforts, the students cheered for Principal Jan Smith as she took a whip cream pie to the face. The kids loved it!

Jan and michelle

Special congratulations to:

  • Los estudiantes de 5° grado – farthest average per student # of laps with 25.4 laps! They get a Spirit Wear Day for 5° grado on Tuesday, October 28th
  • La clase de Maestra Santana – highest average per student donation – $172.37
  • La clase de Maestra Ocasio – greatest participation rate – 92%

Individual Awards include:

  • 13 students received Arco Iris arm bands in celebration of running the most laps in their grade.
  • 10 students received a coupon for a Spirit Wear day of their very own. The date is a personal choice, but the coupon must be turned into the teacher on the day of the student’s choosing.
  • 10 students will eat their lunch with Principal Jan on Tuesday, October 28th.
  • 30 students will play Chess with parent Aaron Nielsen one day after lunch in the next month.
  • 30 students will dance Zumba with parent Memory Bybee, one morning/afternoon in the next month.
  • 25 students will study martial arts with Aim High Martial Arts one morning/afternoon in the next month.
  • 6 students will take a limousine ride for a treat with Maestra Perla and Maestro Clarke
  • 2 students will be Principal for the Day on Tuesday, October 28th
  • 3 students received a $150 Nike Sports watch

Finally, a thank you to our sponsors:

  • Sysco and Reedville Catering for the fabulous post run pasta.
  • Oregon Heritage Apple Farm for the yummy apples
  • Noodles and Company gift certificates for a free bowl of pasta.
  • Arco Iris PTO for donation of the arm bands.
  • Tualatin Hills Park and Rec for use of Schiffler Memorial Park.
  • Nike for the sport watches.
  • Aim High Martial Arts for providing the prize to our top donors.

Aim High Martial Arts looks forward to seeing the Arco Iris students who have signed up for their day camp on Veteran’s Day!

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