Office Updates – July 25, 2014

Six weeks from now, our school will be bustling with the sounds of teachers back to work preparing for the 2014 – 2015 school year. Our custodial staff are working hard to get rooms set up, carpets cleaned, and materials in place for our classrooms. Our office staff have been coming in throughout the summer to take care of administrative tasks. This year is much easier than our start last year since we are already in the building. Now that we have “lived” in the building for a year, we are far better equipped to utilize the space to meet the needs of our school.

We look forward to having our teachers return in late August. However, some of our staff from last year have pursued other opportunities.  The following teachers will not be returning:  Maestra Powers, Maestra Lopez, Maestra Heider, and Maestra Ramos, Maestra Espinoza, and Doctora Cesar. We wish them the best in their new endeavors.

Next year, we will have ten homerooms! Each one of them will be taught by a native Spanish speaker. As a matter of fact, all of our homeroom teachers are natives of Puerto Rico. After seeing the strength of skills that Maestra’s Santana, Viera, and Rodriguez possessed, we recruited teachers from Puerto Rico exclusively and are proud to have them join our staff.  Our homeroom teachers are the following:

  • Grade 1:  Maestra Santana, Maestra Rosado
  • Grade 2:  Maestra Ocasio, Maestra Rivera
  • Grade 3:  Masetra Rodriguez, Maestra Colon
  • Grade 4:  Maestra Roman
  • Grade 5:  Maestra Viera, Maestro Lopez
  • Middle School:  Maestra Vega
  • Additional English teacher:  Maestra Root

With seven teachers relocating to Oregon to join our staff, we have been working to assist them in the myriad of tasks involved throughout the summer. They are set with apartment leases and travel arrangements. Our next blog post will feature pictures and bios of all our teachers. We are excited to have them join us in August!

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2 Responses to Office Updates – July 25, 2014

  1. Rebecca says:

    Did the pictures and bios for the new staff get posted? I’m wondering if I just missed the link.

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