Staff Appreciation Week

Staff appreciation week is starting off beautifully!

photo (2)

Don’t forget office supplies tomorrow, Student poems/notes/drawing on Wednesday (late start schedule), and food on Friday.

Some staff members have received enough support to provide them with a full meal, but others still need your support. If your homeroom/English teacher have enough support, consider supporting another teacher or staff member. As much as everyone would like to support our staff not everyone can; if you can please fill in the staff who have not had their boxes filled yet.

(As of 10 p.m. 5/5/14)
Maestra Powers only needs Vegetable/Side Item
Maestra Santana  only needs Appetizer, Salad Dressing, Vegetable/Side Item
Maestra Lopez – HAS A FULL DINNER!!!!
Maestra Rodriguez – HAS A FULL DINNER!!!!
Maestra Heider – HAS A FULL DINNER!!!!
Maestra Ramos – HAS A FULL DINNER!!!!
Maestra Viera only needs Vegetable/Side Item
Maestra Espinosa still needs a lot of help.
Maestra Cottle – HAS A FULL DINNER!!!!
Maestra Serrao – HAS A FULL DINNER!!!!
Maestra Ansari – only needs 3 items (as of 2 p.m. 5/5/14)
Doctora Christie Engesser Cesar only needs Salad Dressing, Vegetable/Side Item
Our Wonderful Administrative Staff still need various items, but desserts are filled.
(Perla, Millie, Jan, Elaine, Kathy, Michelle, Wendy)

One week of the year we get the opportunity to work together to show our staff how much we appreciation them. Let’s make it a great week for them!

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