A note from your PTO

In the first three years we:

  • grew from 54 students to 190
  • went from no ranking to the top 10% performing school in the state
  • went from struggling to fill our classrooms, to wait lists of 100 eager children.

Impressed? We accomplished all of this by efficiently utilizing our funds. We all know Arco Iris receives less funds than other Beaverton schools get. Did you know that the school bonds, levies, and fundraising by Beaverton School District – none of those dollars come to Arco Iris.

Yep, we do so much with so little!

We are not trying to match the funds other schools get. “The Gap” ($85,000) we are trying to fill just covers our education costs for one year. Below you will find a chart that clarifies where the $85,000 figure comes from.

The Gap graphic

$85,000 is a lot of money.  If we were a school of only 10 students, it would be nearly impossible to meet that goal, but we aren’t!  We are 190+ strong and when we all work together, that number is achievable.  When you average the $85,000 by 190 students over the 10 months of the school year you get to roughly $50 per month.

What is $50 per month?

  • Two weeks worth of lattes.
  • A dinner out
  • A family trip to the movies

How can you do your part?

Of course we like cash donations. However for even more fun, on April 12, 2014 Arco Iris will hold its Fourth Annual Fiesta Night and Auction. You can get tickets to this amazing event HERE. This is the perfect opportunity to get together for a fabulous night to celebrate the success of Arco Iris and raise the funds we need. Enjoy the night, bidding on your child’s gorgeous classroom art project, winning tickets to symphonies, plays, trips and so much more. We look forward to seeing you there!

Working together we can meet our goals and ensure the continued success and vitality of our charter school, Arco Iris.

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