Friday Updates – February 28, 2014

Arco Iris Auction 2014 flierAuction News – Auction table sales start on March 3 for The Fourth Annual Fiesta Night and Auction! Grab a couple of friends to come and celebrate Arco Iris! This is the perfect opportunity to get together for a fabulous night to celebrate the success of Arco Iris and raise the funds we need. Enjoy the night bidding on your child’s gorgeous classroom art project, winning tickets to symphonies, plays, trips, and so much more.  For more details on this great event, visit our website!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Science & Engineering Fair

When is the Science & Engineering Fair? Thursday, March 20 from 5:30-7:00.

What happens during the Fair? Students will be interviewed about their projects by volunteer project reviewers who will evaluate their work using grade specific evaluation forms. To have their projects evaluated, students will need to be standing at their display as follows:

        • Grades 1, 3, 5, 7 (odd numbers): 5:30-6:00
        • Grades 2, 4, 6 (even numbers): 6:10-6:40

Outside of their assigned review times, students and parents are encouraged to tour the Fair together and talk with other students are their projects.

Will there be awards? Exemplary projects will be recognized by the school community and several will be selected to represent our school at the Beaverton School District Science Expo.

What should be on the display board? Find more info at the Science Fair website:

    • For scientific inquiries, scroll to the bottom of this page.
    • For engineering designs, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Is Spanish Required? We hope parents will encourage their students to do their work in Spanish! Students in grades 1-­3 are encouraged to present their work in Spanish, but it is not required. Students in grades 4-­7 will receive any additional requirements, including due dates and language requirements from their teachers.

How can I help? Volunteers are needed to set up, host, and tear down the Science Fair. We especially need volunteers to be project reviewers during the event. Click here for more info and a link to sign up. Contact Kirstin Pinit with questions.

What if I have more questions? Announcements about the Science Fair and other resources are posted here. Please use this site and your student’s science teacher for questions about projects and displays.

FMCommunityRewards_2013You can now help raise money for Arco Iris every time you swipe your Fred Meyer Rewards card at the register! We have joined the new Fred Meyer Community Rewards program which donates $625,000 per quarter to all participating charitable organizations. Our share of the pie will be based on usage by registered Fred Meyer Rewards cards so make sure to link your rewards card today and let friends and relatives know how easily they can help as well by linking their cards. Participating in this program will not reduce or affect the fuel points or rewards points you currently earn when using your Fred Meyer Rewards card. Sign up HERE and use our school code #80296 when prompted.

boxtop_logo2Our Box Tops classroom competition has concluded and our students brought in a total of 4178 box tops! The 1st place honors, with 939 box tops, go to Maestra Rodriguez’s 3rd graders who will celebrate with a parachute party in an extra PE period! Maestra Santana’s 1st grade class came in second with 802 box tops and with 741 box tops Maestra Power’s 1st graders take third. Box Tops equal cash for our school so please continue to send your box tops in through the rest of the school year to your child’s classroom collection can. Thank you for helping with Box Tops!


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