Biz Town Reflection

Guest post by – Kassie Kelly

On December 5th, 2013 Arco Iris, St. Cecilia and St. John Fisher went to JA Biz Town. Biz Town is a program for kids to learn about jobs, how businesses work, personal finance, how the economy works, teamwork, etc. At JA Biz Town we also learned about depositing money, and what you have to do to be part of a company. For example, at Biz Mart (a store at JA Biz Town), the employees had to set prices at a reasonable price. Plus, something very important that we learned from JA Biz Town is that teamwork is a good characteristic to have. That’s because to progress in your business, you need to work together with your company. JA Biz Town is a great place because it helps kids get better teamwork skills.

Something I really enjoyed at JA Biz Town was how I got to participate and how everybody had a specific job to do, and manuals to tell them what they had to do. Another thing that I enjoyed about JA Biz Town was how the buildings were arranged and how there were three different schools there, so it was like the real world where you don’t know everybody that you are doing business with. Everybody seemed so nice. A lot of people were very excited, including me!

I am very glad that my class had the opportunity to go to JA Biz Town. I really enjoyed it. After all the hard work that we did to prepare, JA Biz Town paid off. We spent weeks practicing and getting ready for JA Biz Town. I hope that I can go again, and I hope that lots of other kids can have the same opportunity as us, and will be able to go to JA Biz Town.

What other students have to say about JA Biz Town:

“Biz Town is a fun program where you and your fellow 5th grade friends go to a town kinda place and do work like a real adult! You can use your JA Biz Town money to buy real stuff you can bring home after JA Biz Town ends! I got to be the CFO of Gas and Electric… I couldn’t have had a harder job. …I learned a lot… thank you JA Biz Town for preparing me for my adulthood.” – Liam Mount

“Overall JA Biz Town was a fun and educational field trip!” – Adam Jones

“It was a good learning experience mixed with some fun. The best part was just being there, working with friends and helping as a business. Everyone helped everyone else. If you get a chance to go to Biz Town, take it.” – Evan Hoxie

“What is JA Biz Town, you ask? It is a mini town where kids learn about finances, the economy, and how businesses work. Before you go to JA Biz Town you apply for a job, interview for it, and get a job.” – Austin Jones

“To me, JA Biz Town was a very fun learning experience. While I was there, I felt like I was a real adult, managing a real checkbook and savings account. I enjoyed everything about JA Biz Town, everything except leaving!” – Kendra Saunders

“[At JA Biz Town] we worked with new people to achieve our goals. I …learned how to handle questions about my business, transitions from place to place, and bounced checks.” – Lucy Erickson

“It was a grown up experience. I had lunch at the café and it was very cool! I felt so grown up for one day and also exhausted.” – Anonymous

“I thought it was amazing because I did not know a lot of the stuff we learned. It was also very fun. I got a lot of food from the café.” – Anonymous 

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2 Responses to Biz Town Reflection

  1. danisiver says:

    Thanks for sharing Kassie and Grade 5! Sounds like a great time!

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