Parking Details for Winter Recital

Tis the Season for evening festivities! Both BCC and Arco Iris are having their winter programs tonight. Because our event is at Fir Grove Elementary, we would like our families to please park in the Fir Grove parking lots or the BCC overflow lot, so that the preschool students have priority of the BCC main parking lot.

The Fir Grove main parking lot entrance is off of Wilson Avenue. They also have two parking areas at the end of Menlo Drive. Follow Menlo past the BCC parking lot entrance and there is a small lot on both the east and west side of the dead end.

Additionally, BCC has also opened up their overflow lot, located across the street on the north side of Allen Boulevard. It’s the same lot we used for the jog-a-thon. This lot is very big, and is a short, one block walk to Fir Grove.

We hope you are as excited as we are for this program! The students have been practicing for many weeks and are looking forward to sharing with their friends and family. See you tonight!

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