School Board Welcomes Caitlin Jeffery

The Arco Iris School Board is pleased to announce our newest member of the board of directors. Caitlin Jeffery was selected by the Arco Iris Nominating Committee and recommended to the board for approval. The school board voted last Thursday (8-0) to approve Caitlin’s nomination to the board. Caitlin will will serve as a project manager on the school board and will fill the 2-year term vacated by Deonne Knill, whose term expired this month.

Caitlin is an Oregon native and has lived and gone to school in Beaverton her whole life. She currently works for Comcast as their Recruiting Business Partner and is the Project Manager for Comcast’s recruiting process in SW Washington and Oregon. Caitlin is enthusiastic about education and her community. She is a member of the Chehalem Elementary PTO and volunteers in her daughter’s Kindergarten class.

We welcome Caitlin to our team and are looking forward to working with her!

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