Friday Updates – November 15, 2013

Jog-a-thon! In case you missed our summary about the jog-a-thon, here is our link for this week’s post. Thank you again to everyone who donated, volunteered, and of course to our hard working students who put in all that sweat equity! We raised just over $14,000!

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Play space increase! Remember this post, about our play area being reduced because we could no longer use the parking lot? Well we are happy to report that we have an arrangement with Beaverton School District and Fir Grove Elementary to use a gated section of their parking area. It’s located just on the other side of the BCC parking lot, adjacent to the ball fields. This is on a trial basis through December. Teachers walk our students on the sidewalk down to the end of Merlo Avenue, then cross at the dead end. Each class has a net bag of playground balls, cones, and other items they use for playing. Here’s a map (BSD Area) of their walking route and the area we have to use. This is a great addition for us and we are again so happy with our relationship with BSD that we could make this happen together.

Parking! Our parking area was selected to be in a convenient place for Arco Iris parents while not impacting the church’s day to day business and to keep school traffic flowing smoothly. Parking in BCC prime business spots could impede on their ability to provide reasonable parking for their families. Please be courteous to the business that is hosting our school and park your vehicle in the designated parking area. Also for safety reasons, we ask that you please do not park in front of the playground – yes even on those rainy afternoons!

Consejo de padres would like to welcome Yvette Silantev as our new first grade representative. We still have positions open in first (Santana), second, third, and fourth. If you are interested representing your child’s classroom please email us. Our meeting on Wednesday had a good turn out and those who could not be there and wanted their voice heard emailed in. We listened and will bring the thoughts and suggestions to the staff and school board representatives. Our next meeting will be held December 11 at 6:30. September minutes have been approved and will be posted in the Consejo de Padres page soon.

Spirit Wear – Get your jaguar gear ready, spirit wear can be worn on Friday, November 22nd.

Board meeting – There will be an Arco Iris school board meeting next Thursday, at 6:00 pm. Agenda will be posted on the Board Meeting Page early next week.

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