Arco Iris School 2nd Annual Jog-a-thon News

Arco Iris students ran 3,820 laps for a total of 382 miles. Together they ran far enough to run to Sunriver and back to Beaverton, a phenomenal accomplishment in only 30 minutes of running.

Thank you to the families that participated in the Fall fundraiser as a volunteer and/or with your monetary donations to Arco Iris School. Your contributions keep the school doors open. We had just under 80% of students turn in pledge monies. We fell short of our overall school goal, but we made a dent in the total fundraising necessary to balance the school’s budget. Arco Iris students raised a net total of just over $14,000. When everybody does a little, it adds up!

Class Lap Totals:

    • Maestra Espinoza: 339
    • Maestra Viera: 647
    • Maestra Heider: 513
    • Maestra Ramos: 504
    • Maestra Hetu: 551
    • Maestra Lopez: 448
    • Maestra Powers: 376
    • Maestra Santana: 442

The Maestra Viera’s 5th grade class earned a Jaguar dress day on Friday, November 8th, for running the most laps with an average of 24.8 laps/student. The class of Maestra Ramos and Maestra Powers had the highest student participation rate of 95%. The students in Maestra Ramos’ class had the greatest average raised per student of $133. Maestra Ramos’ class will be rewarded with a pizza party and a special session with Aim High.

A big thank you to our volunteers for bringing in water for the runners, helping chaperone and count laps, serving lunch and counting money.

Finally, a thank you to our sponsors:

  • Pasta Pronto and Sysco for donating the pasta lunch for our Jaguar runners.
  • Noodles and Company for the gift certificates for a free bowl of pasta to each student who turned in donations. Don’t forget to claim your free pasta before the expiration date 12/31/13.
  • Aim High Martial Arts for providing the prize to the winners of the class pledge competition AND our Special Award for the top fundraiser
  • Oregon Heritage Farm for apples in the post event lunch.
  • NIKE for donating prizes for the raffle.
  • Bike Gallery for their support of the $100 raffle prize.
  • Beaverton Christian Church for use of the parking lot.
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