Weekly Updates – November 8, 2013

Scholastic Book Fair Update! Thank you to everyone who shopped and volunteered at the Scholastic Book Fair during conference week. This year’s fair was our most successful yet and raised $2,400 in scholastic dollars that Arco Iris can use to stock book shelves! Scholastic books will continue to be available for purchase through ongoing ordering during the school year – look for the fliers coming home or electronic updates for your next ordering opportunity.

Parking, drop-off and pick-up – Did you know that our agreement between the school and city to use our current location, is partially based on our agreement to park in the appropriate parking area and to not block traffic onto Allen Boulevard? We are also prohibited from offering curbside pickup. This is a permit requirement of our occupancy at BCC.

Our parking area was selected to be in a convenient place for Arco Iris parents while not impacting the church’s day to day business and to keep school traffic flowing smoothly. Parking in BCC prime business spots could impede on their ability to provide reasonable parking for their families. Please be courteous to the business that is hosting our school and park your vehicle in the designated parking area. Also for safety reasons, we ask that you not park in front of the playground – yes even on those rainy afternoons!

Our morning drop off is going well, however please be prepared for drop off, have your children ready and on their way as quickly as possible to avoid backups onto Allen. Students can unload anywhere from Building A to the front doors. Lines build up quickly, so if your group is not prepared please feel free to park in our designated area and walk in.

It just takes a little bit to make things run smoothly.  Together we can work wonders!

Consejo de padres meeting will be happening next Wednesday, November 13 6:30 p.m. The meeting is open for parents to attend. If you have something you would like your classroom representative to address in the next meeting please email Consejo de padres. Please include your name and your child’s teacher in your message to your classroom representatives.

Jaguars Read is off to a great start this year and our first graders are making an impressive showing! Total hours in first grade classrooms so far this year equals 334 hours. Fantastic work! Our other classrooms are doing great too. So far Maestra Ramos’ classroom has outread the other classes turning in a total of 577 hours for summer, September and October reading times. Overall the school has read 2,192 hours since the end of last school year! 

Just reminder that calendars can be turned in at any time.  There are folders located in each classroom that students can turn completed forms into.  There is also a folder in the main hallway at the front of the school. Volunteers are picking up calendars between the 1st and 10th of the month. Prizes will be distributed to classrooms after the 15th of every month.  If you have questions or are missing a prize, please email Niki Taylo.

Lost and Found – Now that the weather has changed we have jackets being added to the items left at school and the lost and found is filling up. Please make sure to visit lost and found in the lobby this next week as any items not claimed by the Thanksgiving holiday will be donated to charity. There are some very nice water bottles, bags, and jackets in there missing their forgetful owners!

Uniform Exchange – Don’t forget that Arco Iris maintains a uniform exchange that will be brought out during every PTO meeting as well as a few other times during the school year. Please feel free to take what you need to supplement your child’s uniform supply, and remember to bring in any uniform items your child outgrows to be added to exchange. 

PTO Meeting – Due to a the necessary BizTown training for volunteers the evening PTO meeting will need to be moved to Tuesday, December 3rd at 6 p.m. We hope this allows more parents the opportunity to attend the meeting.

No school on Monday in honor of Veterans day!

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2 Responses to Weekly Updates – November 8, 2013

  1. Jenifer Nelles says:

    Thanks for the parking reminders. My child is in before and after care so we are arriving early and late. Yesterday I picked up at about 5:15. With the time change it was already dark outside. There were no lights on in the parking lot which made it difficult to see and unsafe for walking to our car with other cars coming into the lot. Do you know if the lights will begin to turn on for us parents picking up after dark? Thanks.

    • deonneknill says:

      Hi Jenifer – We asked BCC for additional lighting a few weeks ago and we are back in touch with them for a timeline. I know they were working on a new light at the front door as well. Hopefully the parking lot lights are just a timer adjustment. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. Thank you for bringing this up.

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