School Board – Finance position open

Arco Iris School is actively looking to fill the open finance position on the board of directors. The Nominating Committee has met and will consider this position open until filled. Thus, there is no deadline for applications. Resumes and letters of interest may be submitted at any time.

Arco Iris was founded on a dedicated, small group of volunteers. Over the years, our school has grown to the point that paid professional services were necessary to keep our school operating efficiently. Arco Iris has a professional bookkeeper, tax preparer, and 3rd party auditor. The time commitment for the finance position is much less now than when the school was founded. This person will be working closely with our principal, bookkeeper, and the finance committee for the annual budgeting process. Arco Iris has tight fiscal controls and a detailed budget that reduces the need for day to day management of finances at the board level.

If you are interested in contributing to Arco Iris and have a background in finance, we encourage you to apply. Here is a link to our original Call for Applications. You can email resume and cover letter to Deonne Knill.

Not sure what this board role entails but want to know more? Please contact Jim Mullaney, current Treasurer, at 503-380-6867.

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