Friday Updates – November 1, 2013

Jog-a-thon – We celebrated the jog-a-thon at the morning meeting today.  Thanks to all of the families who donated money to our Fall fundraiser!  Look for a blog post with all of the details and some photos next week.

Book Fair – We have less than a week to go for our online book fair. If you want to do a little more shopping, our ONLINE STORE is open through November 6th.

Box Tops Classroom Contest – Now through January 31st. The class who collects the most box tops will get a extra gym time with Parachutes. Collection containers are located in each classroom. This year goal is to earn $600.

Jaguars Read – Don’t forget to bring in your October reading calendar! There is a pocket on the bulletin board in the lobby where we collect completed calendars. We have November reading calendars available on the Jaguar’s Read page and also here – November_2013. Happy reading!

Hot Lunch – Students are loving our new lunch service! The November menu is posted on our Lunch Page and also here – November 2013 Menu

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