Friday Updates – October 18th, 2013

Our Annual Scholastic Book Fair is coming next week! Students were sent home with fliers this week, and they are so excited about getting new books for their home collection and their classroom. This event entirely volunteer run. If you are available to help out, please see our online sign-up.

Thank you Bethany Athletic Club! Our student lounge got a huge lift this week with donations of tables and chairs. When you come by for pickup, check out our fantastic space for our students to work and play. You find it all in the middle room off the gym and next to the Buenas Tardes room.

Please help us keep our home clean. With the extra traffic and usage on the playground, we are seeing extra papers and litter on the ground. We appreciate any extra help you can provide us in making sure we leave our community space in good condition.

Don’t forget to check out the teacher pages for classroom updates, homework assignments, and reminders.

Enjoy the fantastic weather this weekend!


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