Board Members Needed

A quick note from our school board vice president, Todd Watkins:

The Arco Iris School Board is actively seeking candidates to replace two of our outgoing members.  Although Arco Iris is a public school in the Beaverton School District, we are an independent entity established through a charter agreement. To that end, we must provide many of the administrative duties on our own which includes having a school board that functions as the school’s executive committee.

Our 8-member board is comprised of a diverse group of individuals committed to the goals and mission of Arco Iris.  We all have different backgrounds, bring different perspectives, and approach problem solving in different ways.  These differences are a huge reason why we are successful because we each have different ideas, respect our opinions, listen to alternatives, and make decisions based on what is best for the school.

Participation on the Board is a rewarding experience but it does take a certain level of commitment.  Assigned projects, monthly board meetings, and extracurricular events are things that take time.  However, the reward of being part of the leadership team that continues to make this school a special place is worth the sacrifice associated with being on the board.

Arco Iris was born from an idea that was fostered by dedicated parents who wanted to give their kids a better educational opportunity than what was available at the local neighborhood school.  Our phenomenal test scores and statewide rankings is clear evidence that the model is working.  However, we can’t continue this success and progress without you.  This school was founded through a grassroots effort and we need to continue with that approach.

If you have project management or financial experience, we urge you to apply for a position on the school board.  Our school’s continued success will only occur if we maintain our supportive approach to operating Arco Iris.  That goal can only be attained if parents, grandparents, and supportive members of the public volunteer to serve on the board.

If you are interested, please see our Call for Applications. Applications are due no later than 5:00 PDT, Friday, October 18th, 2013.

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