Outdoor School – a Student’s Perspective

Outdoor School by Cima M

On September 23rd – 25th the 6th and 7th grade class went to Outdoor School at Camp Cedar Ridge. Outdoor School is a community where you get to learn and experience new adventures. You also get to meet new students from different schools and learn to work with them, outdoors, rain or shine.

Did you know that you can hear a trees heart beat with a stethoscope?  Every day at Outdoor School we did something called field study. We learned about the earth, water, plants and animals. During field study we took nature hikes, learned about everything from photosynthesis and fungi to animal skulls and their camouflage. We caught crawdads and saw spawning salmon. It wasn’t boring because the staff taught with hands on activities, songs and games.

To get to know each other we had campfire where you can sign up to do skits, songs or more. My class sang “Color Esperanza”. I enjoyed that; it was a great way to show our Spanish. At cabin time we would play games or have free time. We were mixed up with Tobias students in our cabins. Piglett, my counselor, read us books at night and taught us fun activities. My absolute favorite social activities was meals because we got in line and one of my favorite staff members, Crow, handed out papers with table names in a random order. Once we got inside we sat at our assigned table; I thought that was a great way to make new friends.

My personal reflection is I really enjoyed Outdoor School. I went from “I don’t want to be here” to “I don’t want to leave counselors, staff, food and activities”. Outdoor school is a memory I will never forget.

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3 Responses to Outdoor School – a Student’s Perspective

  1. Ann says:

    very nice summation…felt like I was there.

  2. Mary says:

    Wow, I loved her write-up! Sounds like the students had fun and learned something too. Thanks for sharing it!

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