Notes on Safety/Security Changes

We have updated our Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures to now include the afternoon pick-up portion. For safety and congestion concerns, students will be with their teachers and lined up outside at the bike racks at 3:30 pm. Students pre-registered with Buenas Tardes program will be picked up at their classroom at 3:30 by our staff. Please park in the same area as morning Drop and Walk option: Park and Walk

Notes about security: Our relocation has also spurred changed in the Arco Iris security process. There are new changes from years past and we understand it may take a few visits before everyone is familiarized with our changes. But we know that our families will appreciate our extra precautions in our new buildings! Arco Iris and BCC appreciate your attention to these details.

  • The Arco Iris entry doors (Building C) will remain locked at all times except during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times. If you arrive after 8:30 am or during the day for volunteering or early pick-up, please use the new doorbell we have installed in between the two doors at Building C. This rings into a mobile handset with either the office or our Buenas Tardes staff. Someone will come let you in.
  • All visitors and volunteers at Arco Iris will be required to check-in/sign-in with the office. Those who have completed a background check will be issued a green Volunteer badge. We will be making an individual badge for each volunteer (more to come). Visitors who have not completed a background check will get an orange Visitor badge. Visitors will require an escort by staff member or approved Volunteer at all times while in our buildings.
  • If you are dropping your child off at school and want to walk them beyond the lobby (e.g. to their classroom), you will need to check in with the office and get a badge. See note above regarding escorts for orange Visitor badges. We strongly encourage parents to drop their students off at the lobby. We will have teachers greeting and helping students get to their classrooms.
  • All visitors and volunteers will be asked to sign out when they leave. It is important to Arco Iris and BCC that we know who is in the buildings in case of an emergency.
  • Please do not enter or exit BCC through doors other than Building C main entry. Thank you for this important detail! Our friends at BCC are happy to have us in their wonderful facility. They also have church business and worship throughout the week and their main doors are for church business only.
  • Arco Iris and BCC personnel will be checking for lanyards on all adults in the buildings. This is a joint security effort as BCC also has a preschool and kindergarten program in their building. If you have students in both programs, please follow BCC process for dropping off and picking up students and enter through their main doors.

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend! See you Tuesday!

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One Response to Notes on Safety/Security Changes

  1. danisiver says:

    Fantastic! Thank you for nailing down new protocols to keep our kiddos safe! Looking forward to a great year!

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