We have had a few families inquire about carpooling. Our PTO has researched different options and are trying something new this year. Those families that request to be included in carpooling will have their “house”, contact information and requirements plotted on a map so that all participants can see who is nearby and have similar needs.

To aid the transition to a new location and reduce the drop off and pick up traffic at school, the Arco Iris PTO has created a carpool mapping page. Families interested in participating in carpooling will need to email Becky Schiefelbein with the following information: your household’s carpool contact name, primary phone number, e-mail address, name(s) and grade(s) of your children attending Arco Iris, and any special carpooling needs or instructions.

You will need a Google account to join the carpool map but can use any e-mail address as your contact address. Once your information is plotted on the map you will receive an invitation to join. If you have already made carpooling arrangements for the new school year but have room for another child in your carpool please consider adding yourself to the map.

This is a private group. This group is not endorsed or managed by Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School personnel, only parent volunteers. Arco Iris expects that parents transporting children will use seat belts, booster seats, or child safety restraints and will operate within full compliance with Oregon motor vehicle and traffic laws. Safety first! Thank you for helping keep our students safe as they come to and from school.

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2 Responses to Carpooling

  1. TriciaK says:

    Is this something people are doing again this coming school year?

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