Work Party – Thursday July 18th, 10:am – 2:pm

We are having another work party this week, Thursday July 18th, from 10:am – 2:pm.

Becky Schiefelbein has graciously offered to watch kids, so we will have a room set up with a movie and some basic arts/crafts. Please send your kiddos with a snack or a bag lunch and a bottle of water. If you’d rather be with kids instead of cleaning, I’m sure she’d welcome the company.

Our agenda for Thursday is cleaning and prep work for painting. Please bring your own rags and non toxic cleaners. We are having great success with just soapy water. If you have Magic Erasers or other favorite items, please feel free to bring them.

There will be a painting party or two again hopefully in July. Stay tuned and we’ll try to have daytime and evening work parties.

Please email Deonne if you can make it and also let us know if you are bringing kids (and how many). We are hoping that having childcare available will help our turnout! 

See you this week! Thank you in advance for all your help.

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