School Board Welcomes New Member

The Arco Iris School Board is pleased to announce our newest board member. Mark Lipscomb was selected by the Arco Iris Nominating Committee and recommended to the board for approval. The school board voted Thursday (6-0) to approve Mark’s nomination to the board.

Mark Lipscomb will serve as a project manager position on the board to fill the currently vacant 3 year term through November 2015.

Mark is a U.S. Army veteran with several commendations and began his IT career in Michigan at Madonna University. He has a long history of project and organizational management and 20+ years of IT experience, most recently with ClearEdge Power. Mark began his service to Arco Iris in January 2010 when he volunteered to lead the school’s IT efforts.

Mark has expressed his desire to be a part of the school board because of his passion for education and responsibility to children and the greater community. Mark is well versed and understands language immersion and is committed to this key element of the Arco Iris mission. Welcome to our team, Mark!

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