Friday Updates – April 5 2013

WELCOME BACK! We hope everyone had a wonderful spring break!

Consejo de padres News

The next Consejo de padres meeting is Tuesday, April 9th at 6:00 pm in the 5th/6th grade classroom.

PTO News

Restaurant Night for April is next Wednesday, April 10th. Join us at Buffalo Wild Wings in Tanasbourne. Please bring a copy of the Buffalo Wild Wings flier with you, and don’t forget to share with your friends!

SCRIP – If you would like to purchase SCRIP, just fill out your personal order form, mark the quantity for each card that you want, total your items, attach a check made out to Arco Iris, and put it in the slot in the PTO Lock box (next to Maestra Maria’s door) no later than Friday, April 12, 2013SCRIP Spring 2013

Purchasing SCRIP is a great way to purchase what you want, where you want, great for gifts (don’t forget, Mothers day is May 12th), and it gives money to our school at the same time.  Each store, restaurant, etc gives a certain percentage to our school (noted on the form next to each store).  If you spend $100 at Fred Meyer every week, why not buy 4 – $100 SCRIP cards and give our school $16 per month! Need that morning Starbucks coffee?  Purchase your $25 Starbucks card through SCRIP, and our school gets $1.50 per card sold.  Just a reminder about the green SCRIP forms are located in the handout tower, in the hall across from the office or can be printed off here.

We need your feedback! Would you participate in SCRIP more frequently if there were an online option where you could either purchase e-SCRIP or SCRIP cards that would be re-loadable?  Both of these options would allow on-line payment options and minimal wait times (There is an initial purchase of a scrip card from the supplier for the re-loadable scrip). Please email the PTO if you are interested.

Jaguar dress day is Thursday, April 11th. We also have a few items on hand if anyone is in need:

  • Youth size small – short sleeve gray t-shirt
  • Adult size x-small – baseball jersey with red sleeves
  • Adult size large – baseball jersey with red sleeves
  • Adult size large – long sleeve white t-shirt

Spring enrichment classes start next week for Young Rembrandts and Bricks for Kids. Chess Wizards start on Tuesday April 16th.

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