Friday Updates – March 15 2013

Arco Iris will hold their monthly board meeting on Thursday, March 21st at 6:00 pm at the school. Agenda will be posted on the board page early next week.

PTO Updates

Tickets to our Third Annual Fiesta Night and Auction are selling fast….online ticket sales are now open for credit card payment. Please see our auction website for ticket sales and a list of our sponsors! If you prefer to pay by check please send an email to the PTO and arrangements can be made. If you are unable to attend, please consider sponsoring a teacher’s ticket and/or making a donation.

La Feria de Ciencias – Gracias to all our community members that took the time to help make La Feria de Ciencias such a fun (and educational) evening. We had volunteers helping the kiddos set up their displays, a team of reviewers (that had a very difficult job!) that examined and posed questions to our little scientists, and then the clean up crew that helped to make the room look cleaner that it was before the science fair. 

Consejo de padres Updates

Consejo de padres invites you to contribute to our bulletin boards. Bring your travels back to Arco Iris! Take a picture of your Arco Iris student(s) and turn it in (Janice Faccio or the Consejo de padres mail box, located in the staff room) for the Jaguars Around the World bulletin board.  If you don’t have a Jaguar shirt, it’s ok, just take a picture and let us know where it was taken. Let’s get in the spirit and travel around the world!

On the second bulletin board, share stories and pictures illustrating moments when Arco Iris students have applied something they have learned at school to life at home.  Bring in your photos, stories or drawings, and help us to make learning visible in our school community. Please email Michelle Black or submit your pictures, drawings or stories in the Consejo de padres mail box, located in the staff room.

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