Online Spanish Resources

One of our teachers and parents (thanks Rosa and Kim K!) has assembled a huge list of online resources for Spanish materials and activities. You’ll find math, science, geography, art, music, games, and more. Have fun exploring these with your kids!  – Awesome site with daily movies related to all subjects.  – This is an incredible Spanish site for science.  – Number, color, shapes, letters, words, etc. in Spanish.  You can click a link and get the same activities in English, German, and French.  – Picture and facts about the sea, weather, and ecology.  – Guide to countries around the world – in Spanish.  – Art and music activities and games in Spanish.  – The Adventures of Bhuhb; stories in Spanish.  – Spanish grammar for kids.  – Spanish resources (math, social studies, nature) for kids.  – Site by Discovery Channel for activities and videos.  – There are several wonderful games and videos here.  One on the water cycle. Another is things you find in the market. Also the story of Don Quijote with games.  – Information about planets and space in Spanish.  – This is a wonderful site for all different areas of Math for K – 6 in Spanish.  This has all kinds of activities with numbers and operations, algebra (yes even at K level), geometry, measurement, and data analysis and graphing.  – Come explore Egypt.  Includes movies and more to do.  – Fun site on different subjects.  – Science for kids. – Fables, legends and stories in Spanish.  – Biographies in Spanish.  – A virtual forest in Spanish to explore.  – A virtual zoo in Spanish.  – Practice but also word problems with fractions and decimals.  There is a wide variety of different types of games including logic games.  – This is a math practice site with addition practice, multiplication practice, and numerous other types.  It is with a basketball theme for grades 3 – 10. – List of links to activities in a variety of subjects.  – National Geographic in Spanish.  – Spanish magazine.

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