SCRIP Due Today-Friday, Nov 9

The SCRIP program for 2012 officially launched this month.  Bright green order forms went home about a week ago, or you can pick up another one at school from the forms tower across from the office.

Today is the due date for your scrip order.  Fill out the order form, attach a check, and drop it in the PTO Drop Box.  The drop box is located at the end of the first set of cubbies when you walk in the door.  Sometimes it’s a hidden behind Maestra Maria’s classroom door when it’s open, but it’s there!

You will get your gift cards in about a week and just like that, you’re making money for Arco Iris as you’re shopping or gifting!

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Armour (

Thank you for your support of Arco Iris!

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