Proposed Move to the Beaverton Christian Church – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions & Project Status Report

1) What is the status of securing Beaverton Christian Church (BCC) as the new home for Arco Iris?

The application to the City of Beaverton has been deemed “complete”.   The BCC site will be posted with a sign on November 1, 2012 to inform people, traveling by the site, about the pending land use action associated with our application.   At the same time, the City will send out notices to the property owners in the vicinity of the church to let them know about the application and the City will publish the notice in the local newspaper.  After that, the school is scheduled to have our application reviewed by the Planning Commission on December 12, 2012.  If the Planning Commission approves our application and there are no appeals to their decision, during the 12 days following that meeting, then the decision will become final on December 24, 2012.

2) Can anything be done to help?

The consultant and the Site Search Committee are working directly with staff from BCC and the City to finalize the application process.  The only thing that other people can do right now is to send in written comments to the City supporting our move to the BCC location.

While supporting the application is a good thing, there is a risk of appearing too aggressive if the school community is overzealous with the amount of paperwork and comments that are submitted.  To help with this, the Site Search Committee has prepared a written statement and we encourage parents, guardians, and other supporters of the school to sign it.  The letter and signature page will be available from November 5 through November 19 at or near the school office.  Please note that the City requires that all written comments are accompanied by the person’s full name and address.  To fulfill this requirement, we will be requiring that all signatures include your printed name and address.  You do not need to live in the City of Beaverton to sign the petition.

3) What if I want to prepare my own written comments?  How and where do I submit my comments?

Additional comments to the City have to be written and submitted one of two ways:

a) For comments to be mailed, send them to the following address:

City of Beaverton
Community Development Department
Planning Division
Attn: Jason T
4755 SW Griffith Drive /PO Box 4755
Beaverton, OR 97076

b) For comments to be e-mailed, send them to Jason T at the following address:

Whether you mail a hard copy letter or send in an electronic message, you have to include your full name and address as well as the case file number (#CU2012-0007).  This is necessary so that the comments are fully documented and cataloged for the public record.  Voice mails and anonymous messages will not be included.

4) How long do I have to submit my comments?

While comments can be submitted up until the Planning Commission meeting, we are encouraging parents and other supporters not to wait that long.  For those wishing to submit individual comments, the Site Search committee suggests that comments be submitted to the City by no later than November 21, 2012.

5) What happens at the Planning Commission hearing?

The Planning Commission is comprised of Beaverton citizens who have been appointed by the City Council to review land use applications and make decisions related to their compliance with City codes and regulations.  During a Planning Commission hearing, a City staff member will give a report about the application and the applicant will make a brief presentation.  The Commissioners typically ask follow-up questions related to the application and they deliberate the merits of the application before coming to a conclusion.  There is also an opportunity for public comments but these should be strategic and coordinated since there is limited time during the meeting.  Danielle Siver will be organizing a task force to ensure that the public comments are succinct and targeted in order to maximize our effectiveness with the Commission.  In addition to the written and verbal comments, having a physical presence at the hearing can also send a strong, subtle message to the Commissioners without being overbearing.  We encourage as many people, as possible, to attend the hearing wearing Arco Iris apparel or colors.

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One Response to Proposed Move to the Beaverton Christian Church – FAQs

  1. Paulina says:

    Thats great news and I am positive ArcoIris will have this location … And I don’t want to rain on the parade, but if this doesn’t go through what is plan b?

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