Friday Updates – October 19 2012

Arco Iris School Board would like to welcome our three newest members: Vicky Money, J Rain, and Todd Watkins! Our board Nominating Committee, which includes representatives from the PTO, Consejo de padres, our teaching staff, and our board, recommended these individuals to our board for approval. The board voted unanimously to approve their membership.

Mary Taylor and Jim Mullaney toasting sparkling apple cider

And we also would like to extend a giant THANK YOU to Mary Taylor, for her years of dedication and service to our school. Wednesday was her last school board meeting as a board member. Mary is one of the founding women to lead this school from a vision to reality. We are all grateful for her time, energy, and passion for Arco Iris! The next time you see Mary, please take a minute to thank her (or send her an email Being on a school board is a often a thankless job of long hours and sleepless nights. It’s all volunteer, so the biggest reward is our students’ success. But little things, like a thank you from a parent, are very much appreciated.

PTO News

We want to say great big THANK YOU to Christie Engesser Cesar, Karen Mount, Sarah Coakley, Mary Jane Redmond, Alison Money and all the other parents that helped to make the Jog-a-thon a great experience for our kids today. We also want to give a great big THANK YOU to all the teachers and staff for allowing us to disrupt their schedule for the day and for joining us in this project.  Don’t forget pledge donations are due back to school by October 29th.

Also thank you to Aim High Academy of Martial Arts, Fred Meyer, and Noodles & Company for their generous donations in support of our Inaugural Jog-a-thon.

Please join us at the Scholastic BOOK FAIR next week during conferences (Thursday October 25 & Friday October 26th).  We will have a great selection of both English and Spanish books as well as teacher wish lists.  The book fair will also be online this year from 10/20 -11/9 (click HERE for our link).  Kids can create wish lists and send to friends and family.  There are also more titles available on line than what we’ll physically have at the fair.  Pre-order forms for the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid were sent home with flyers.  We still need some volunteers,  especially Friday, if anyone else can lend a hand.

Jr First Lego League Coaches are needed! We are looking for volunteers to coach Jr First Lego League clubs after school.  The Jr FLL is a Lego building program where groups of 4-6 and 6-9 year olds work on a predetermined build challenge.  Coaches help organize students, facilitate the build process and work with students on their presentations.  Coaches need to commit to 4-6 after-school meetings (45-60 minutes in length) and attendance at the Expo in March at OMSI (Date TBD).  This is a great event for our students.  If you love robotics, building, Lego’s, or just having fun with kids, this is a great opportunity for you.  Teams can be co-led if needed.  This is a completely parent run after-school activity.   If you are interested in coaching please contact Niki Taylo at

Consejo de padres News

Consejo de padres continues to work on it’s first project: enriching PE at Arco Iris. In process is a plan to draft curriculum and lesson plans based on skill acquisition. Thanks to Dina Musgrave for leading this effort. Teachers have been enthusiastic and very thankful for the supplies purchased with the enrichment fees. Ask your kids if they have played toe-tag or used “noodles” in PE.

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