Friday Updates – September 21 2012

We are in process of streamlining our communications and reducing email traffic. Starting this week, you’ll see a lot of the Friday communications coming to the web. While you’ll still get emails from Janell with operations and office announcements, what used to come to you in attachments will now be posted on the blog. Janell will include blog links in her email to you. We expect updates from both the PTO and Consejo de padres each week to be posted here.

Consejo de Padres News

Consejo de Padres is a parent organization made up of representatives elected from each grade level with two primary goals: 1) support the Board of Directors/principal and 2) be a resource for communication between the parent community and the Board of Directors/principal. Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM at Arco Iris School. Please see our blog page for general information, and our minutes page for agendas and meeting minutes.  You can also email Dina Musgrave, the Vice Chair and 2nd grade representative, with questions at

We need two 1st grade parents to join our group. Please consider volunteering your time. Nominate yourself to participate.

Nominations emailed Monday, 9/24- Wednesday 9/26
Please send self-nominations to Dina Musgrave at  You have the option of including a statement  (<100 words) to be included on the ballot.

Confidential Ballots distributed on Friday, 9/28
Individual ballots will be sent with students on 9/28 to be returned on Monday, 10/1.  Vote for 2 candidates and return following included instructions.

Ballots returned on Monday, October 1
Ballots will be collected at Arco Iris school before and after school on Monday, 10/1.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 25th at 6:00 pm

PTO News

Volunteering – Calling all volunteers! Our online system for background checks is now live! Arco Iris School welcomes volunteers in our school and classrooms.  Every volunteer at Arco Iris must have a criminal background check completed on a yearly basis.  It takes approximately 2 business days to complete the process, so if you would like to volunteer for a field trip or other event, please plan ahead!

For more information on our background checks as well as to the link that will direct you to our encrypted online form, please click HERE.

Fundraising – We are working on a dedicated page for our Fundraising Committee to outline our events and activities this year. We’ll be launching that soon and will announce it on the blog and Facebook.

Next Meeting – Tuesday October 2nd at 6:30 pm. We will be breaking into committees.

Thanks again to all of you who ordered Jaguares apparel and who purchased Valley Theater movie tickets! We are anticipating clothing orders to be delivered in early-mid October.

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