Back to School Night – Wrap up!

Thanks to all those who attended Back to School Night! We hope you enjoyed Jan’s talk and the follow-up information provided by your child’s teacher.

We have posted the documents handed out last night on the blog. You can find them under “Important Docs & Forms” in the 2012-2013 Academic Year tab. Or, simply click HERE. And just to make sure you don’t miss anything, we’ve included them on this page as well.

We have an updated Family Handbook. Please review it with your child(ren) and then sign and return the Acknowledgement Form.

Jan and her team also authored a PBIS Handbook. It outlines what PBIS is, how it works in our school, behavior expectations of our students, and example interventions. We ask that you review this with your child(ren) and then sign and return the Understanding Form.

In an attempt to streamline much of the money handling and our recurrent call for fees to cover field trips, art projects, class celebrations, and “specials,” the Arco Iris School Board approved the implementation of a per-student Program Enrichment Fee for this academic year. Program Enrichment Fees will help Arco Iris provide students with additional activities, specialized supplies, and access to professional content specialists. These are activities not ordinarily provided for or paid for by the school, but by fees and donations covered by our parent community. Program fees are $125 per student.

Finally, we want to make sure that we are current with your emergency contact information. Last night each child had a sealed envelope containing a printout of the information we have on file. Please take a moment and review this, update any changes, and return to the school. If you could not attend last night, these will come home with your child. Thank you!

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