Target Grant Award!

We have been notified that the Arco Iris Jaguar’s Read program has been awarded a $2,000 grant from Target! The grant is part of Target’s ongoing efforts to build strong, safe and healthy communities across the country. These efforts include Target’s long history of giving 5 percent of its income to communities, which today equals more than $3 million every week. As part of this commitment, Target is on track to give $1 billion for education by the end of 2015 to help kids learn, schools teach, and parents and caring adults engage.

A special thank you to particularly Mary Jane Redmond for working on the grant and to Niki Taylo and Sarah Coakley for their efforts in the Jaguar’s Read program. We are thrilled with this good news and know that these moneys will go far in supporting such a popular and important program for our students!

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2 Responses to Target Grant Award!

  1. Mary T. says:

    Thank you, Target!! They were already one of my favorite stores, this is cool news!

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