Letter from the school board

Dear Parents,

This has been a summer of transitions and planning! These are exciting times for all of us, and with hard work, persistence, strong leadership, and support we are confident our school will continue to succeed and produce future community leaders and global citizens. You are about to receive a host of information as the first day of school approaches – family handbook, student drop-off and pickup procedures, lunch ordering details, before and after school program details, and teacher assignments! There are a few announcements to come first, and this is of utmost importance.

Our school owes its start to its founding board members and a host of volunteers and professionals who dedicated their time, experience, and heavy lifting so that we could open our doors. Mercedes Gomez was one of these people. We are sad to announce the Mercedes will not be returning to teach at Arco Iris this year.

We met Mercedes the spring of 2010. She had read an article in the Oregonian about our school’s charter approval and was interested in joining our team. We met her soon afterward and were thrilled with her experience, energy, and dedication to our mission. We were happy to ask her to join our team and she has been instrumental in the development and implementation of our educational program.

Late this spring, Mercedes let us know that she would not be able to continue working for Arco Iris this fall. Her father has been ill for a long time, and her continued visits to Mexico to help her family and the long travels back to Arco Iris have become too much.  Mercedes has made the very difficult decision to return to Mexico and help care for her father. This decision weighs heavily on her heart, and she has written you all a letter of thanks and gratitude as well as to help explain. We hope you can take a minute to read this heartfelt letter she has written to you: Mercedes’ letter to families

Mercedes has been working closely with our team throughout this summer to help not only with the development of additional curriculum, but interview our new teachers and help Jan Smith with her transition as Principal. Mercedes was a key contributor to our principal hire. While we are sad for the circumstances of which Mercedes needs to return to Mexico, we fully respect and support her decision to put her family first.

To honor Mercedes time, energy, and love for our school and our children, the Arco Iris School Board is planning a THANK YOU party for her. Please join us on Thursday, August 23, 2012, from 4-5:30pm, in the community room at our school as we give thanks to this great teacher and wish her and her family well. We hope to see you there to help give Mercedes a fabulous sendoff.

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One Response to Letter from the school board

  1. Paulina says:

    😦 this is such sad news! Maestra Mercedes will be dearly missed! Im sure her Father will get better now that she will be over there 🙂 long term!

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