El Consejo de Padres

Parent site council has changed its name to “consejo de padres” meaning “parent council.”  There is a new category added on the blog (see the Category Cloud to your right), so you’ll be able to search for just that category of posts! Below is a brief summary of the last meeting.

Unofficial Summary of the July 18, 2012 meeting of “El consejo de padres”

  • The name of the parent site council was officially changed to El consejo de padres (CP) which translates to Parent Council.
  • A draft document for a mission statement and by-laws with roles and responsibilities was discussed. A subcommittee of 4 will be working on this during the next month to develop a finished draft document to share with the entire CP at the next meeting.  We agreed that the mission/by-laws should emphasize the dual role of resource for parent communication AND workforce for Board/Principal initiated special projects.
  • Email addresses will be set up using 8th grade graduation year (e.g. parents of incoming 3rd grade students will use the email “clasede2018@arcoirisschool.org“. This will ensure the email contact for El consejo de padres remains the same throughout the student’s time at Arco Iris. Email addresses will permit for electronic communication from parents to their grade level representatives. Grade level representatives will share information from their grade levels with the collective group at the next CP meeting.
  • A webpage (currently the blog page) will be set up to post unofficial summaries, such as this one, approved minutes, by-laws as well as emails for the entire CP. We hope to have this set up completed in August. We will send a blog post when the webpage and email addresses are active.
  • The board will share the redacted results from the spring parent survey with the CP and the school.  The CP will be reviewing the results to assist in determine projects for the upcoming school year.
  • A point of contact from the council was selected to help with revision of the family handbook.
  • A member of the CP was selected to serve on the Board Nominating Committee.
  • The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 21st at 6:00 PM at Arco Iris School.  Monthly meetings will continue on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM.
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