Summer Reading Check-In

We’re closing in on August. Back to School sales are here. While I’m sure we are all not quite ready for September 4th, we are hoping that all our students are engaged with their daily reading!

Reading every day, even for just 20-30 minutes can make a big difference in academic performance. You can read with them, to them, or have them read to you. Take turns reading pages. Visit the library and read quietly together. Read a novel together and share in dinnertime conversation.

Why read at least 20 minutes every day? Let’s look at an example of the positive impact reading can have on your student:

Student A consistently reads 20 mins every night. Student B doesn’t read consistently, maybe 10 mins 3x week.

  • Student A: 20 minutes x 30 days = 600 minutes or 10 hours per month = 120 hours per year = 600 hours over 5 years!
  • Student B: 10 minutes x 12 days = 120 minutes or 2 hours per month = 24 hours per year = 120 hours over 5 years

By the end of 5th grade, if Student A and Student B maintain these same reading habits:

Student A practices reading the equivalent of 100 whole school days, or 20 days per year. Student B gets the equivalent of only 20 whole school days of reading practice, or 4 days per year.

One would expect the gap of information retained and the amount of vocabulary learned, will have widened considerably between these two students. And so, undoubtedly, will school performance – in reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, spelling. Reading comprehension is a skill that is developed with practice.

Please keep reading over the summer! Summer reading homework will be collected by our English teachers on September 4th. If the dog ate your homework assignment, CLICK HERE. Want some ideas to help your budding Spanish reader, CLICK HERE. Enjoy your summer and happy reading!

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