Summer Camp – Week 3

Our final week of summer camp is ready to begin on Monday July 23rd! Maestra Mercy has planned a fun-filled week all about Mexico.  Each one of our campers will explore Mexico through crafts, food, games, songs, and of course Spanish!

We have a few reminders for the week:

1. The camp will be held at Arco Iris current location in Bethlehem Lutheran Church (18865 SW Johnson St. Beaverton, OR 97006). We are located in the in the back of the church, and have attached a map of where to park and enter.

2. Our camp hours are 8:30-12:15 for half day and 8:30-3:00 for full day. Morning drop off is 8:20-8:30am and pick up 12:10-12:15pm or 2:50-3:00pm. Our doors will be locked during the camp hours, but will unlock them during drop off and pick up. If you need to pick your child up early or are coming late, please contact us by email or talk to Maestra Mercy. Otherwise, you will need to enter in the front of the church and walk around.

3. We ask for parents to park and walk their child into the camp, where you will sign your child in. During pick up, we ask parents to park and walk in to sign your child out. This procedure is to help make sure our campers are kept safe.  If you plan to have an alternate adult picking up your child we will need you to fill out a “Pick Up Authorization” form and return to Mercy.

4. All payments for the week are due Monday (7/23) morning during check-in. Please pay by check only. The amount due is $140 for the half day week and $200 for the full day, but after applying the $50 deposit, the total amount due will be $90 or $150.

5. Please make sure to apply sunscreen in the morning before camp. Please dress your child in comfortable clothing for outdoor and indoor play. Hats are welcome to protect the campers when we are outside.

6. Please pack a sack lunch, extra snacks, and a water bottle for your child every day.

7. The activities for the week are as follows:

Activities by week/themes:


By exploring the geography, culture, and customs of Mexico, and through their involvement and participation in games, songs, art, crafts, and preparation of food the students will be able to:

1. Create awareness of cultural differences between Mexico and their own.

2. Develop basic communication skills in Spanish.

3. Learn and use basic Spanish vocabulary

4. Listen and respond to Spanish instructions and commands while engaged in routine activities.

5.  Discover the richness of the Spanish culture and the sound of its language.


1. Make personal passport

2. Personal journal

3. Work on maps – Locate Mexico in a world map and find the capital.

4. Videos:

Mexican Heritage

Families of Mexico

Latin American Tales

Mexican Holidays

5. Make a “Mexico Paper Quilt”

6. Learn about the Mayans; “maiz”; volcanoes in Mexico; “el sombrero”; the Mexican flag; the dahlia (national flower of Mexico); the cactus; bullfighting (national sport).

7. Make a newspaper “sombrero”

8. Make Mexican pottery paper plates

9. Create “papel picado” (Cut paper art)

10. Explore Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Use chalk pastels to create a portrait of Frida Kahlo and a replica of Diego Rivera’s, “El Vendedor de Alcatraces”.

11. Draw “Ancient Mexico Figures” found in stone Aztec engravings.

**Books and literature for different age/grade levels will be provided for independent readers and learners.

Maestra Mercy and I are really looking forward to having your child be a part of the summer camp with Arco Iris. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me at 503-473-0416 or

Thank you!

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