Site Council – Parent Nominations

Nominations closed Tuesday for the new Parent Site Council.  In all twenty (20) parents stepped forward to become candidates for this exciting new organization.  As explained in earlier communications, there will be two elected representatives for each grade level at Arco Iris.  The 5th and 6th grade each had only two (2) candidates so they are declared winners.  Congratulations to Alison Money and Ann Rattay who will represent the 5th grade parents for 2012-2013!  Congratulations to Bradie Mayfield and Nellie Gutierrez who will represent the 6th grade parents for 2012-2013!  Please find below a list of candidates for the contested races. The ballots will also include the personal statements by the candidates if they chose to submit one.

  • 2nd grade: Bridgette Clough, Stacey Mueller, Dina Musgrave, Cynthia Thomas
  • 3rd grade: Walt Armour, Christie Engesser Cesar, Kim Kissinger, Scott Kissinger, Jessica Lipscomb, Patrick Siver
  • 4th grade: Cecilia Becerra, Janice Faccio, Gina Hoxie, Jim Koch, Karen Mount, Suzanne Rain

Ballots will be available for pick-up today at the school.  Ballots not picked up today will be sent home with the students on Thursday.  Ballots should be returned in the privacy envelope included within the envelope with your child’s name on the outside. Each family will receive one ballot to vote for two representatives for the grade in which your child is in.  If you have multiple children at Arco Iris, you will receive multiple ballots.

Ballots will be collected on June 6 from 7:30 am to 8:30 am and then again from 2:30 pm to 5:45 pm.  Results will be announced on June 7.

Please direct all questions to the charter committee for the Parent Site Council via email at

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