Changes in Dropoff and Pickup Routine – TOMORROW!

As you are aware we had to make some changes to the playground area last week.  We have learned that because of the county zoning requirements we will also need to change the main entrance to the school as well.  This will change where you drop off in the morning and where you enter the school.  Starting tomorrow, Thursday February 2nd, we will use the West entrance of the church as our main school entrance and exit. 

Morning curbside drop off will be on the westside of the church as well at the side walk in front of the church’s preschool playground.

If you prefer to park and walk your child into school, please park in the main parking area and walk your child to the west entrance.  We will have parents and staff tomorrow to help direct traffic where to go.

The attached map is an excellent visual of the changes so please review it as well.

Thank you for your patience with this process!

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2 Responses to Changes in Dropoff and Pickup Routine – TOMORROW!

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks for the info…also curious about why this became an issue after half a school year of the other procedure.

    • deonneknill says:

      The school was just recently notified of the zoning differences between the building and the parking lot. The building and side parking lots are zoned for school use, however the back parking lot is still zoned residential. We were unaware of this until just a week or so ago and are working with the church and the county. This seems to be the easiest solution for everyone.

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