Our kids are runners too!

Our kids are passionate runners!  They have logged enough miles to run all the way to San Francisco; a total of 635 miles from Portland!  There are 121 tokens to award for this month.  Wow!  Below are breakdowns of total miles by classroom, Half-Marathon Club (13.1 miles), and 10 Mile Club winners!  Please congratulate our runners when you see them, we are sure they are proud of their accomplishments.

Also, a very special thank you to Karen Mount and Christie Cesar for organizing and implementing the Jaguar’s Run and to all of the volunteers who help them.

Classroom Breakdown:

  • Maestra Stephanie: 121.73 miles
  • Maestra Maria: 110.36 miles
  • Maestra Rosa: 184.41 miles
  • Maestra Mercy: 169.68 miles
  • Maestra Mercedes/Nikki: 75.50 miles

Half-Marathon Club (13.1 miles):

  • Adam J (18.9 miles)
  • Austin J (16.5 miles)
  • Malea C (16.4 miles)
  • Connor S (15.3 miles)
  • Kyra T (14.8 miles)
  • Devlin K (13.1 miles)

10-Mile Club:

  • Kegan B (12.8 miles)
  • Liam M (12.8 miles)
  • Sean T (12.1 miles)
  • Kasara K (12 miles)
  • Cylena W (11.9 miles)
  • Isabella T (11.4 miles)
  • Jessa B (11.3 miles)
  • Clark M (11.3 miles)
  • Allison M (11.3 miles)
  • Nicolas M-J (10.4 miles)
  • Jacob L (10.1 miles)
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