Fun requests – Recipes and Jaguares Mascot Artwork

We have a couple of projects we are working on and knowing how many talented families we have in our school we are hoping a few of you can help us out.

Arco Iris Cookbook

We are working on a school cook book to be displayed and have orders taken at our 2nd annual Fundraising Auction.

We are looking for recipes of family favorites.  These can be main dishes, deserts, breakfasts, and/or appetizers.  We would like to have a picture (but not necessary) and also provide a small note on why it is a favorite or why you wanted to share that recipe. We’d love to share if it has special meaning to your family or is used for a special occasion.  If you would like to contribute, please email your recipes (2-3 would be great) and photos to Deonne at by March 31st.

Jaguares Artwork

Last year we decided on Jaguares for our school mascot but we did not decide what he/she looks like.  We are looking for ORIGINAL (please no clip art) jaguar artwork to put on merchandise and school spirit items (water bottles, t-shirts, etc.). We would like to have a couple options to choose from (e.g. a jaguar head, a running jaguar). If you have the talent and the time and would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you.

The artwork needs to be printable in black and white and contain the word “Jaguares”.  The animal should be the buff colored with the face/body markings.

Please have submissions to Christy Olson by February 4th.

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