Local politicians – Don’t cut public education funding!

There has been recent discussion in the Oregonian about “revenue shortfalls” in our State’s budgeted figures. Budgets have to be cut. Public education is a large budget item and an easy target.

Our charter school receives ADMw (average daily membership – weighted average) from the state. This is the single public revenue stream we receive and its based on our student attendance. Our district receives additional state and federal funding on top of ADMw due to services they provide (e.g. special education, transportation). Arco Iris does not receive funding from these sources or from local levies. ADMw and fundraising dollars are our primary revenue contributions.

Beaverton School District maintains 20% of the ADMw allocated for our students – part as administrative fee and part to cover services they provide for us (e.g. special education). Any state cuts to ADMw are a direct cut to our operating budget. The Arco Iris ADMw portion is approximately $4,6o0 per student.

We highly encourage parents to contact their state legislator and ask them to not reduce school funding! Please tell write and say “As you review budget cuts, please do NOT cut the per pupil funding (ADMw) in the State School Fund as education is the key to our nation’s success and economy!” Tell them you support charter schools, who ONLY receive ADMw. You can look up your state legislator here and send them an email: http://www.leg.state.or.us/findlegsltr/

Thank You!

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