Jaguar’s Read – 2011 summary

Wow, our kids ended the year in style. Here’s a summary of December’s Jaguars Read results:

  • Total reading time: 1,502 hours
  • Total participants: 69 students
  • Class with the most reading time: Maestra Mercy, 459 HOURS! Maestra Rosa’s class is right behind with 411 hours. Both of those classes increased their reading hours by over 100 between November and December. Amazing job!
  • Longest December read: 100.75 HOURS!

2011 totals:

  • Maestra Stephanie: 480.75 hours
  • Maestra Maria: 506.45 hours
  • Maestra Rosa: 897.53 hours
  • Maestra Mercy: 974.5 hours
  • Maestra Mercedes: 687.75

The success of this program has been overwhelming. Our students are embracing the reading challenge with a passion. In fact, we are looking for prize ideas and donations for our students who will be exceeding 200 hours of reading. Items like books, games, meals, healthy treats, or an activity pass would be welcomed. If you have ideas or would like to contribute, please contact Deonne ( Keep up the great work and thanks for all the support and encouragement.

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