Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School has signed up with Mamasource, an online deal website affiliated with Mamapedia, a resource for parents on the internet.  They have featured deals related to parenting and that could benefit your children and families.

According to their website, “here’s how it works: Sign up for free to receive their daily deals. Then click on Savings for Schools to select a school when you check out. Whenever you buy one of their deals, they will set aside 5% of the purchase price to go directly to the school you designated.  Principals can use the money anyway they want—for books, classroom supplies, field, trips, reading programs—anything that can use extra funding.”

You can find their website at:  Our school’s referral code is A5U8.  During checkout, you can also search for Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School – 18865 Southwest Johnson Street, Beaverton, Oregon if you forget the code.  They are still updating their List of Schools on their website, but be reassured that Arco Iris is definitely in their database and can be found when purchasing. This process is a little different than Sharing Spree, in that it appears that you have to select Arco Iris duringeach purchase transaction (it will not automatically happen each time).

Please let all your friends and families know about this exciting opportunity to save moneyand support our school at the same time.  Make sure you sign up to receive theiramazing deals.  And don’t forget to signup with Sharing Spree too while you are at it! Happy Holidays and Thank you for your support!

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