Jaguar’s Read – December Update!

We have kicked off Jaguar’s Read program for December. There is a new and fun twist to the program – DOUBLE MINUTES for reading Spanish books!

Use this as a great reason to visit your local library, especially over our winter break, and explore the Spanish language section. Read silently, read aloud, read together! If your child is nervous about reading aloud in front of adults, they may be willing to read to their furry friend. Teddy bears or even pets can make a great, non-judgmental audience!

Here’s a summary of November’s Jaguars Read results:

  • Total reading time: 1,257 HOURS (double our October total!)
  • Total participants: 77 students, 60%
  • Class with the most reading time: Maestra Mercedes, 318.75 HOURS! Maestra Rosa’s class is right behind with 285 hours.
  • Longest October read: 93 HOURS!

Congrats to all our students for their passion for this program. Keep up the great work!

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