353 Miles and Counting!

Jaguars on the Run has been a HUGE success with our kids.  They love running, and every time they see Karen in the hallways, they ask, “Is it Jaguars on the Run today?”  We love that they are so excited and enthusiastic about the program.

So far, the kids have run a combined total of 353 miles.  That is all the way to Mt. Shasta, CA!  Our lead runner has done more than 6 and a half miles, and that is just in 1-2 days a week for 15 minutes.

We feel this is a very valuable program, but it relys on volunteers to keep it running.  We are trying to run it Mondays and Wednesdays from 1-2pm.  We need two people per session, and it’s very easy to manage.  The kids already know what to do!  If you can volunteer your time, every week, every other week, or even only 1 time, that would be very helpful.  Right now we only have 1 person for some Mondays, and 1 person who has committed herself to help every Wednesday.  If you can help, please contact Karen Mount at mountfamily5@gmail.com.

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